Members of the club

The Rotaract Club of Roseau, Dominica’s leading service organization, on Saturday spent the afternoon with the residents of the Grotto Home, an initiative that the club is promising to repeat at other needy institutions in Dominica.

The club provided a meal to residents and spent the afternoon engaging them in cards and domino.

Speaking at a brief opening ceremony Grotto Home director Ann Solomon welcomed the initiative.

“We are very happy to have this kind of company and the residents enjoy it,” Solomon, who has dedicated twenty years to the institution, said.

“We always welcome these projects and we want to ask God to bless you all,” she added.

The Rotaract Club will execute five other similar projects within the next year. The club’s community service Director Brenton Henry underscored the important role of the Grotto Home.

“What you are doing here is very important and we want to recognize and contribute to this very significant operation. While some people spend their time serving politicians and all sorts of foreign Gods, we in Rotaract spend our time serving the community,” Henry said.

In December, the 26-year-old club will host its annual Christmas party for children.

The club also organizes the carnival princess show and Haliborange/Rotaract Spelling Bee competition on an annual basis.

With over forty active members the Rotaract Club of Roseau is among the most active service organization in Dominica. They life by the motto “Service above self”.

The shelter is home to 47 residents; including the famous MB.