A Seaborne aircraft at the Douglas Charles Airport in Melville Hall

Seaborne Airlines, which services Dominica and other countries across the region, is being sold.

A report on bvinews.com said that company is being sold to United States-based airline Silver Airways.

The online news portal said Seaborne is being sold because of financial strain caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Dominica and many other countries serviced by Seaborne were affected by the two category 5 hurricanes.

“While the company’s business has enjoyed a remarkable recovery since the 2017 hurricanes, the financial stress caused during the recovery period coupled with legacy liabilities have made it necessary to seek reorganization protection,” bvinews.com quoted Acting CEO of Seaborne Airlines, Ben Munson, as saying.

The airline’s day-to-day operations will ‘continue as normal’ and will not be disrupted by the sale and it will also maintain its ‘codeshare’ partnerships that facilitate easy connections with other partner airlines.

Seaborne made its inaugural flight to Dominica on April 1, 2013. It replaced American Eagle which had earlier announced it was pulling out of Dominica and a number of other Caribbean destinations.