Sean Douglas at a function in Uruguay in 2007

After a nine-year stint as the Dominica Labour Party’s administration’s Press Secretary Sean Douglas has said goodbye to the profession.

Effective today Friday August 13, 2010, Douglas will no longer hold the post of government press secretary.

He was fired after his refusal to sign a one-year contract for a period which expired on January 2009, as stated in his dismissal letter dated July 2, 2010. Douglas received his walking papers on July 12, 2010 signed by Cabinet Secretary Felix Gregoire.

In an interview aired live on a local radio station this morning, Douglas said that his journey was an extraordinary one since it was an honour to serve his country.

“It has been an incredible journey. My stint as press secretary has been an extraordinary experience an …amazing adventure. For me I should say it’s been an honour and privilege to serve  for the last nine years as press secretary and I want to just  use this opportunity to thank the many individuals and persons that I have worked with over the last nine years,” Douglas said.

“… I recall Prime Minister Pierre Charles, ministers of Government, I want to single out people like Matthew Walter, Charles Savarin, Loreen Bannis-Roberts, my friend and mentor former ambassador Crispin Gregoire, Swinburne Lestrade, the speaker of the house, the FS Mrs Edwards, the former FS Mr Sylvester, of course permanent secretaries, the NAO thanks to you. I can now write a book on European Commission procedures, secretaries of the various ministers,” he stated.

Douglas also thanked the media and citizens of Dominicans who made his journey a “memorable” one.

“Working with the media, has been special privilege. And of course I must mention Curtis Matthew and Dominicans who I’ve met up and down the country up and down the country, from Capuchin to Scotthead and ground breaking ceremonies and town hall meetings. It really has been an amazing experience over the last nine years. It has been my life,” Douglas said.

“The reality of it all is beginning to sink in,” he added.

The former press secretary hopes that through God he will achieve greater things in the future. “I think I need sometime after all of  this excitement and drama for the last nine years … to sit back and relax and rejuvenate myself and prepare myself for the challenges ahead,” he said.

“ I would hope that with God’s help and guidance I will move unto even bigger and greater things. But as I said it had been a great honour and privilege to serve the state, to serve the people of Dominica. To serve the government as press secretary. Memories I will cherish and memories that will live with me forever,” he stated.

Douglas had told media following the announcement of his dismissal that he believed it was unjust, unreasonable, and immoral and it felt like a painful divorce.

He was also convinced that his refusal to sign the contract was not the real reason behind his dismissal.

“In estimation, Mr. Douglas fired the job by not signing the agreement which was prepared on his behalf,” the Cabinet Secretary Felix Gregoire told media at the time.