Police officers in Dominica after Hurricane Maria

The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force together with regional forces that are on the island to assist after Hurricane Maria will be hosting a series of road runs this weekend in order to raise funds for the island.

The run will be held under the theme “Together We Can, Together We Will” on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 and will take place in four areas around Dominica.

At a press conference earlier this week, second in command of the Jamaica Defense Force, Aubyn Sibblies, explained that the event is being held to raise funds for Dominica following the ravages of Hurricane Maria.

“Funds to be raised will be from our Caribbean countries and it will come in the form of corporate donations and contributions from individuals who wish to contribute to the ongoing efforts here,” he stated.

He said the theme seeks “to show that as CARICOM and CARICOM forces we stand together with Dominica in this, their time of need.”

He encouraged residents to participate in the run wherever they can to show their strength and resilience.

“The run will occur in four areas in Dominica, areas being Salybia, Portsmouth, Grand Bay and Roseau. What we are asking Dominicans to do is to come out, and show your true strength. Show the strength of Dominicans that we have been seeing since we have been here. Again the run is here just to show your strength and to raise funds for Dominica and to show that CARICOM is here,” Sibblies noted.

In Salybia, the run will start at the Salybia Primary School and goes to two and a half kilometer then back.

In Roseau it will start at the Financial Center, to Independence Street, to Bath Road, then to Hillsborough Street, along Bay Street, turning to Victoria Street, through the Botanical Gardens and ending at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

In Grand Bay, the run will start on the Geneva Bridge, through the Pierre Charles Boulevard, to the village itself, then to Lower Powell and back to the starting point.

In Portsmouth, the event will start at Ross University to the Portsmouth Police Station and back to the starting point.