Denise Charles is MP for the Soufriere Constituency

Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere Constituency Denise Charles has announced that over EC$2-million dollars have been received in housing assistance for the Soufriere community in the last eleven months.

Charles said that over 150 families were beneficiaries of this assistance.

She made these remarks at town hall meeting in the Community of Soufriere on Wednesday night.

“Over the last eleven months we have received over EC$2-million in housing assistance which has improved the living conditions for over 150 families in Soufriere only,” Charles said.

Ashe stated further that there are still some homes in need of repair in that Community.

She asked residents to have patience as they too will receive assistance.

“We still have some homes to repair in Soufriere as housing continues to be the top priority in our Constituency but I encourage you to remain patient and don’t get vex with your Parl Rep, or your Government, or your neighbor, if you have not received your assistance,” she stated.

Charles said that this Government has made it possible for ordinary people to purchase lots and build their homes.

She mentioned also that due to the policies of the Government interest rates on mortgages which were at 11% at the time the Labour Party got into power were cut down to 5% and below.