Speaker of the House of Assembly, Alix Boyd Knights

Speaker of the House of Assembly Alix Boyd Knights is convinced that there are not enough women in parliament and is hopeful that with the new parliament, to be elected soon, more women will sit in the House of Assembly.

“We are not anywhere near our millennium development goals. We ought to have been at 31 percent by now and we’re not,” Boyd Knights told Dominica News Online in an exclusive interview.

“…Before parliament was dissolved, there were two elected women members: one female member of the opposition, two female senators, and one member. So that was four and then the attorney general and the speaker, so that brought us to six. So six out of 32… Because we have thirty members of parliament, the attorney general comes in as a public servant who made it 31 and the speaker makes 32,” she pointed out.

Boyd Knights told DNO that the women who have sat in parliament during her tenure have done a good job.

She was first elected Speaker of the House on April 17, 2000 and re-elected in July 27, 2005 following the country’s general elections.