Twelve needy children are banking on an upcoming summer hike aimed at facilitating their attendance at school in September.

The proceeds of the hike will be used to help the twelve, according to organisers Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit, in partnership with Digicel, Krazy Tees and Loubiere Water.

The students will be selected by village councils and school principals across the island, and the twelve most “deprived” students will be recipient of the school supplies to be provided under the initiative.

Education Officer Margaret Jules Royer has welcomed the initiative.

“We know it is very difficult for parents, especially for those persons who have children leaving the primary school and entering the secondary school, who move from doing five/six subjects a day, to sometimes as much as thirteen subjects in first form,” she said.

“So you can well understand the expense parents have to go through and the ministry is very grateful that you could come together to contribute immensely to these people, and especially the children of Dominica”.

The three-hour Hike will take place along a section of segment five of the national trail.