Traffic in flood waters at Ravine Cork

The Meteorological Office here has cautioned Dominicans to remain alert as heavy rainfall continues to lash the island.

Several communities are still dealing with the impact of landslides and flooding, after heavy rains over the past few days.

Three families had to evacuate their homes in Petite Soufriere yesterday because of landslides and more than seven landslides were reported in Castle Bruce.

Senior Met Officer Sheryl Leblanc has warned that once rainfall continues, more land slippage will occur as soils are saturated, and rivers will overflow their banks.

An upper level trough has been causing unstable weather across the Caribbean, and it may move away from the region before the end of the week, she said.

“This is just a forecast; if it sticks around, then we will continue to experience pockets of showers and thunderstorm. The general public and residents should remain alert. If you are living close to a river or near an area which is prone to landslide, please be vigilant,” Leblanc said Tuesday night.

Up until Tuesday, Public works operators were clearing up landslides in Castle Bruce, Goodhope and San Sauveur, among other areas.

In May 2010, three people were killed in San Sauveur after a landslide completely covered their home.

Traffic in Massacre because of the rains

Flooded runway at Canefield airport

Near the Catholic Church in Canefield

Under the Canefield cliff