Heavy rains continue in Dominica on Tuesday

Heavy rains continue in Dominica on Tuesday

Schools have been cancelled and public officers have been told to stay home as heavy rains continue to lash Dominica on Tuesday morning.

In a live interview on Kairi FM Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, urged the private sector to advise workers to stay home.

“Based on the weather conditions, I have been advised that we should cancel school for today,” he said. “There will be no school today and that is for all schools in the country. And also we have been advised that we should ask public officers to stay home.”

He pointed out that based on conditions, the rain will continue throughout the day.

“And we do not want to have a situation where people are trapped anywhere in the country,” the Prime Minister said.

He asked the private sector to take the similar decision of telling workers to stay home.

He noted that all this is being done to ensure the safety of citizens.

Skerrit called on citizens to begin cleaning their surroundings when the rain stops.

“My view is that too much is being left to the authorities to do and we need to as citizens do some more to protect our homes, properties and indeed our lives,” he said.

He stated there are reports of several landslides around the country and Scotts Head has been cut off.

Meanwhile weather forecaster, Marshal Alexander, said a Flood Watch for Dominica remains in effect until 12:00 noon as a west ward moving tropical wave continues to produce an increase in cloudiness and thunderstorm activity throughout Dominica.

A Flood Watch means that conditions are favourable and there exist the possibility of flooding during the watch period.

He said a relative improvement in conditions can be expected by Monday afternoon.

“Residents in Dominica in areas prone to flooding, landslides and falling rocks should remain vigilant and excerise extreme caution,” he noted.

He urged residents to continue listening to the weather report and to take necessary actions to save live and property as the ground is saturated and river beds elevated.