Alison-Madueke was a Dominican diplomat. Photo: AP

Officials in the US have said they plan to confiscate US$144-million in what has been described as “corruption-tainted assets of Nigerian oil executives.”

A report by the AFP said the assets are tied to “dirty contracts” awarded by former Nigeria Oil Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who also was a diplomat of Dominica.

“The United States is not a safe haven for the proceeds of corruption,” acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco was quoted as saying.

According to the AFP report, the assets include a $80 million yacht the “Galactica Star” and $50 million condominium overlooking New York’s famed Central Park.

A statement by the US Justice State Department said the contracts were awarded by Alison-Madueke between 2011 and 2015.

“Corrupt foreign officials and business executives should make no mistake: if illicit funds are within the reach of the United States, we will seek to forfeit them and to return them to the victims from whom they were stolen,” Blanco said.

The AFP said assets were purchased using proceeds of oil sector contracts awarded by Alison-Madueke, who oversaw the state oil company.

Prosecutors allege she accepted bribes from oil executives Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Olajide Omokore, who spent millions of dollars buying and furnishing London-area homes with artwork, furniture and other luxury items acquired in Texas, according to the AFP.

“The minister allegedly steered lucrative oil contracts to companies owned by Aluko and Omokore, which sold $1.5 billion worth of Nigerian crude,” the AFP report said. “They then used shell corporations and intermediaries to launder the funds through US banks and buy the assets which the Justice Department is now seeking to seize.”

Alison-Madueke received Dominican citizenship on May 29, 2015 and was appointed Dominica’s Trade and Investment Commissioner and given a diplomatic passport, with the number DP0000445.

When she was arrested, several media reports said that the former minister was attempting to flee to Dominica because of her citizenship.

However, the government said there was no truth to the “rumor” and said all ties with Alison-Madueke were severed in October, 2015.

It also said she was appointed Trade and Investment Commissioner for Dominica after “due diligence.”