Clinton is on a one-day visit to Dominica

Roseau, Dominica, February 6th, 2018 – The United Workers Party welcomes former US President Bill Clinton to Dominica and hopes that the February 6, 2018 visit will strengthen his resolve to ensure that funds for climate resilient reconstruction channeled through the Clinton Foundation will be equitably, efficiently and effectively used for the benefit of all the people of Dominica.

We applaud the Clinton Foundation’s plan to launch an “Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery and the initiatives in the housing, education and energy sectors announced for Dominica. We urge timely and complete delivery on these critical initiatives and fully expect that the alleged misfortunes of inadequate Clinton Foundation Spending of 2010 Earthquake recovery and reconstructions funds suffered by Haiti, will not surface in Dominica.

Mr. Clinton is well aware that there can be no climate resilient development of Dominica in the absence of resilient parliamentary governance in a resilient parliamentary democracy. We therefore ask the former US President to encourage the Roosevelt Skerrit administration to commit to inclusion, transparency and accountability in managing the affairs of state.

Mr. Clinton is hereby advised that to date, there are no reports to Parliament or to the people of Dominica on how funds donated by the world community after Hurricane Maria are been spent; and there are no policy measures for the transparent, non-political utilization of these funds in the climate resilient rebuilding of Dominica.

We have warned that persistence with this substandard governance conduct will make it increasingly difficult for Dominica to secure further assistance from a world community that rallied purposefully behind our cause in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

On the occasion of President Bill Clinton’s visit to Hurricane Maria affected areas and his discussions with the Constitutional leaders of Dominica excluding the Parliamentary Opposition, we warn again.