Remnants of Grace of Wednesday

Remnants of Grace on Wednesday

Disaster Management Coordinator, Don Corriette, says efforts are being made to evacuate residents from low lying and vulnerable areas as more bad weather approaches Dominica.

Corriette said at a press briefing on Tuesday night that Dominica has lost too many lives during the passage of Tropical Storm Erika and proactive steps need to be taken.

“There are still persons unaccounted for, we do not want that toll to go up,” he remarked. “We need to take proactive action.”

Dominica is expected to be affected by a tropical wave on Wednesday and now Tropical Depression Grace by Friday.

“We need to take all necessary actions…,” Corriette said. “Even if it’s a tropical wave the soils are saturated, the slopes are unstable, the river beds have been elevated so it will not take much water to cause a flash flood of a magnitude that can affect our people living in low lying areas and have become more vulnerable ever than before giving the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.”

Concentration will be on areas which have been declared ‘special disaster areas’ and a committee is being put in place by Parliamentary Representative of the Petite Savanne constituency, Dr. Kenneth Darroux to assist, especially in the south of the island.

“Going forward we have tried to concentrate on moving the people that have been already compromised,” Corriette said. “In fact I spoke to Honourable Darroux and he is already putting a committee in place so that we can start to move people away from the low lying and vulnerable areas in the south: in Bagatelle, Fond St Jean, Pichelin, to a safer location pending the approach of depression Grace.”

He said the same will be done for Coulibistrie and Check Hall.

Corriette urged the general public to provide their full corporation and to adhere to the announcement and the warnings given by not only the Met Office, but also the Office of Disaster Management.