Red arrow shows the location of the community of Warner

Red arrow shows the location of the community of Warner

This year the community of Warner once again comes alive from the 19th of May to the 25th as the community celebrates its annual Village Feast under the theme, ‘Promoting Community Togetherness to Achieve Community Development’,

The feast officially begins with an Educational Health session by Dr. Samuel Christian on the Topic: ‘Fighting Non – Communicable diseases.’ These diseases remain prevalent in our society and so the topic has been deemed a fitting one.

DJ Allie out of St. Martin will grace the community with his presence for two nights, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 pm till at Nichoshill’s Bar in the central part of the community. Alongside him will be DJ Rock from the community of Penville

On Saturday the Warner Development Committee, in collaboration with The Warner sports Club and main sponsors Kubuli and Springfield Trading, will host one of the first ever Football festival in the community.

About eight Men’s teams as well as two Women’s teams will participate in this event. The games will begin from 12:00 pm.

Teams include Castle Bruce East, Wayne George, Mahaut Striketts, Backstreet Boys, Busta Warner among others.

There will be a grand Rounders Match on Sunday when Warner takes on Layou, then the Softball Cricketers will come up against a team from Mahaut.

To top the Sunday’s activity, a wet fete action with a local DJ will be staged right outside Nicoshilll’s bar and that will be done in “Blocko style”.

To bring the curtain down on Monday, Children around the community will take part in the kiddy sports day. Sporting activities for children of all ages will take place. While the children are having fun Domino action will be on at the Bar.

And finally Asa Banton will hit the stage form 8:00 pm till.

This activity is sponsored by the Parliamentary Representative, Rayburn Blackmore.

Kubuli is the main sponsor of this year’s Feast activities.