Cover of the book

Cover of the book

Writer Dr. Janet S. Taylor has written a book which was inspired after moving to Dominica.

The book ‘Dog with the Crooked Ear’ is an autobiography of Dr. Taylor and is what she describes as “spiritual journey of darkness into light.”

She said it tells her story of being an ordinary woman who chooses to live an extra-ordinary life, “from thinking of suicide (expire) to positively touching the lives of thousands of people in three countries (inspire).”

At an early age, Dr. Taylor said she asked questions about life that many adults couldn’t answer. Who are we? Why are we here? How do we stay healthy and strong? How do we find happiness?

She said the book takes readers “on a journey to follow the heart of a dream; shares how an outsider becomes an insider; looks at a woman learning to love herself; and portrays a spiritual journey of darkness into light.”

She stated that she was inspired to write the book because after moving to Dominica many of her colleagues said she was brave and inspirational to turn the losses of her life into gains.

“In writing my autobiography, I was able to reach deep inside myself and live in the wellspring of gratitude we each have,” Dr. Taylor stated. “My story is our story…..the hero’s journey. From the greatest to the least we are all heroes of life’s ongoing flow.”

Dr. Taylor lives a wholistic and vibrant lifestyle in Dominica using all natural products in and on her body, yoga for fitness, and of course she receives chiropractic adjustments.

She said her spiritual life is one of meditation and prayer, laughing, and serving humanity and her life embodies joyful vitality so she can be a wellspring of empowerment and healing love in her service to others.

“Dog with the Crooked Ear” is available on Amazon or by contacting Dr. Taylor at

Dr. Taylor wrote the book after moving to Dominica

Dr. Taylor wrote the book after moving to Dominica