The day allowed participants to showcase their skills

The public was able to gain knowledge and get a little pampering as the Skills Training Program (STP) under the Dominica Youth Development Division (YDD) hosts its ‘Open Day’ on Thursday.

The skills of young men and women who have acquired or deepened their knowledge in computer literacy, manicure, pedicure, make-up and aesthetics, sewing, and more, provided information and free services to the public.

The event took place at the Roseau Youth Enterprise Center in Roseau, and training centers in St. Joseph and Portsmouth.

Speaking at the Roseau Youth Enterprise Center on Thursday morning, one of the facilitators of the program, Terry Raymond, stated that the four-month-long training course is a great way of ensuring that the youth develop the competencies needed to get a job.

“It’s for their potential career or they might want to open their own business, so we give them those skills,” he stated.

He described the success rate of the program as being “high” and once the training is completed, the participators are sent off to various businesses where they are either kept or move on to a new job that makes use of their skills.

“We also do what we call a tracer study where we trace them a year after to find out where they are, what they are doing, and how successful they are. When we do that we get a percent rate of how many of the people are employed after completing the courses,” he added.

One of the trainees of the Manicure, Pedicure, Make-up and Aesthetics course, Rachel Jno Baptist, stated that she is very excited about the course and is inviting everyone to participate in the showcasing.

“We are waiting and we are hoping that everybody comes out today, because we are skilled and we are trained and we need the practice so we want everybody to come down and let us make them feel beautiful,” she said.

The course also covers training in giving body massages and facials.

Within that course’s showcasing, they operate under the name ‘Celebeauty’ which signifies that there is beauty is in everyone.

One of the trainees in the beauty course, Brenda Pinard, said that she has received a large amount of information including things that she had no previous knowledge of.

“It has been an eye opener. I learnt a lot within these two months period, things I never knew. I learnt how to do a facial, pedicure, manicure, how to better take care of my face. I never knew that you do a pedicure once a month and you do a manicure twice a month according to how your fingers are,” Pinard said.

Like all the other trainees within the different courses, Pinard sees this new skill as a way of making herself more marketable, and will without a doubt encourage others to partake in the training course.

“I hope one day that I can open up my own business or I would be able to do it in my community and better people in my community…I would say to the young people out there to please learn it a skill, it will be valuable to you, when you learn the skill you don’t learn it for yourself but you learn it for you and others,” Pinard said.

A trainee in the computer literacy course, Diana Dequental, said that her knowledge and skills have improved and she feels more prepared for the world of business and job opportunities.

“We learned about the different hardware and software programs, applications used. We also looked at Microsoft Word, we learnt how to use our menus in Microsoft Word application and so on…I can go out and say that I am now computer literate and I will be more at an advantage in terms of getting a job,” the trainee remarked.

The Computer literacy package offers, to young people and people in the working class, information on digital literacy and what using the computer is all about.