Felix Henderson

Felix Henderson, for the past 35 years, has given excellent service to the Commonwealth of Dominica in preserving and promoting the Kwéyòl language. As the first President of the Komité Pou Etid Kwéyòl, he directed that group’s pioneering activities towards achieving its mission of the preservation and promotionof the Kwéyòl language of Dominica.

He has led this mission with astute vision, creativity and a considerable amount of humour as his unique position as a DBS broadcaster with responsibility for the programme “Espéwiyans Kwéyòl”, promoted the language with far reaching effect, initiating activities with a view to raising public awareness of and appreciation for this precious area of the nation’s cultural heritage across all age groups.

He has been instrumental in contributing to the process of the standardisation of the Kwéyòl Language, and with his wide experience, making significant contribution to the production a Dominican Kwéyòl dictionary.

He has taught the language and produced didactic materials in the form of booklets, audio cassettes as well as entertaining compact discs documenting your hilarious creole commercials.

DBS Radio has given exceptional service to the Commonwealth of Dominica in the field of the preservation, development and promotion of the Cultural Heritage, giving airplay to both traditional and  contemporary  forms of the music  and  ensuring that they are promoted far and wide.

DBS Radio has made outstanding contribution to the preservation of the Kwéyòl language through the broadcast of your creole programmes “Nou Mem,” the ever popular “Espéwiyans Kwéyòl”, along with the news in Kwéyòl.

The radio station through the broadcast of special features and interviews on aspects of Dominican culture, as well as the documentation and broadcast of cultural shows and events, including independence and carnival celebrations seek to inform and educate listeners on aspects of the Dominican cultural heritage.

DBS Radio has generously supported the various institutions mounting cultural events and activities, assisting with the necessary air time for the promotion of these events.