(left) BNTF logo and Catherine Daniel Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs

Contracts amounting to nearly seven million dollars have been signed for the construction of seven infrastructural projects under the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF).

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs through the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) on Monday held a contract signing for BNTF 7 & 8 funded projects respectively. The projects have been  jointly funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the government of Dominica through the BNTF programme.

The contracts were signed by local contractors who were hired to facilitate completion of the projects.

Below is a list of the contracts, their amounts and the contractors hired to complete them:

BNTF 7 (EC$ 4,577,320.81)

  1. Wesley/Woodford Hill/ Marigot Water Supply Rehabilitation– Stewco Construction Co. Ltd – ECS 896,115.00
  1. La Plaine Water Supply Rehabilitation – Offshore Civil & Marine – EC$ 1,416,113.87
  1. Salisbury Water Supply Rehabilitation – JARS Sales & Services – EC$ 1,575,725.80
  1. PCSS Auto-mechanics Upgrade – JARS Sales & Services – EC$ 516,866.14
  1. Good Hope Resource Centre Retaining Wall – Quick Design Construction – EC$ 172,500.00

BNTF 8 (EC$ 2,283,595.60)

  1. Bagatelle Water Supply Rehabilitation – Caribbean Concrete Ltd – EC$ 973,420.80
  1. Boetica Water Supply Rehabilitation – Offshore Civil & Marine – EC$ 1,310,174.80

Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs, Lady Catherine Daniel said at the signing that in keeping with the government’s priority focus on the restoration of water systems after Hurricane Maria, five of the seven approved projects are for water restoration works.

The Minister also admonished the contractors to deliver the projects on time pointing to what she described as a “very low implementation rate.”

“Sometimes it’s not the contractors but the consultants who may be tardy in the execution of their duties. Sometimes they do not assess the work on time and as a result, sometimes we have a great level..percentage of tardiness. So I just hope with the situation that we experienced as a result of Maria, that cognizance will be given to the need for these projects to be executed in a timely manner,” Daniel stated.

Since its inception in the region 1979, the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Programme has been contributing to poverty reduction in targeted communities by providing infrastructure and livelihood enhancement services nationally and regionally. So far, there have been seven BNTF Programme cycles, implementing over 2,000 sub-projects to directly impact the lives of more than 2.8 million people in poor commu­nities. The Programme supports a socially inclusive development process that empowers the poor and vulnerable, and supports institutional development. Community participation is essential to every sub-project, as this facilitates local ownership of BNTF investments and enhances social capital within each community