Aerial view of Ross University and Picard after Hurricane Maria

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has confirmed that the property on which Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) was housed is in fact owned by the state.

In August 2018, the University announced that it was shutting down its operation in Dominica and would be operating in Barbados from January 2019.

RUSM which was based in Portsmouth for the greater part of its for forty-year stay in Dominica, was a huge source of income for the island’s second town.

“We have already stated that the property which housed the Ross Campus belonged to the state as per an agreement between the government of Dominica and Ross University back in 1994. So, we are happy that Ross has come to that understanding,” Skerrit said.

He said this has placed his government in a better position to continue discussions and negotiations with a possible replacement for the departed university.

“Obviously there is a next step in the discussion with Ross in respect to compensation for the breach of the lease agreements and other agreements that we had with them,” Skerrit stated.

He said that will be left to the Attorney General Levi Peter to continue to deal with.