Samuel spoke at a AIDS health program in Salybia recently

Coordinator of the National AIDS Response Program Allison Samuel has said that the world is at the point where AIDS can be eradicated.

Speaking at an AIDS health program at the Salybia Health Center held recently, Samuel affirmed that “we need to get to a point where we have zero AIDS.”

“The world is now at a point where we can eradicate AIDS,” she said. “If somebody becomes HIV infected, that person will remain HIV infected, but the virus in your blood stream is controlled.”

Samuel stated that with the regular intake of medication, along with proper diet and exercise, the viruses in the blood stream will become “asleep.”

“The virus has become so dormant, it has become so ineffective, it is not able to reproduce more of itself, that you get to the point where we say that the virus is asleep. You become virally suppressed, so much so that your blood does not show that you actually have viruses multiplying to get you more sick,” she stated.

She noted that when a person is in a state of “viral suppression” or the virus is “undetectable in your blood stream”, and that person continues taking medication, or Anti-retrovirals which causes the virus to remain quiet, together with proper diet and exercise, then “you never, ever develop AIDS.”

She mentioned the importance of understanding how the virus and disease works. She stressed on ensuring clarity between the terms HIV and AIDS, explaining that HIV is a virus and the AIDS is a disease.

Samuel noted that contracting the disease robs a person of health.

“The reality check is that becoming HIV positive is not something everyone should attain to, for the simple reason that, it robs you of your health,” she said.

World AIDS Day was observed on December 1st 2016 and AIDS Awareness Month is normally observed throughout December.

Some of those who attended the program