The National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit will host its Anti-Drug Summer Day Camp in the communities of Morne Prosper, Tete Morne, Concord and Good Hope from July 26-30, 2010.

This year’s theme “Think Health, Not Drugs” will drive home the message on the effects of drugs on the body thus linking it to other social and environmental factors.

A total of one hundred and twenty children age 9-12 are expected to participate.  Topics will cover Life Skills (values, self esteem, decision making, peer pressure), Health and Drug Education (personal hygiene, types of drugs, refusal skill) and sports.

An Orientation Session will be held on Friday 23 July from 9-11 a.m to deal with final registration, expectations, pretest, rules and overview of the week’s program.

The Anti-Drug Summer Program will climax with a fun day at the Castle Bruce Playfield on Tuesday, August 3rd where teams will compete in needle and thread, bottle balancing, lime and spoon, sac race, relay, rounders and cricket.

The National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit would like parents to contact the Village council Office in these communities to register their children as space is limited.  High School students who wish to be a volunteer at the Summer program can call 266 3343/3345 to contact the Drug Abuse Prevention Officer for the area. Together let us THINK HEALTH, NOT DRUGS.