Blood donors called heroes on World Blood Donor Day

Blood donors called heroes on World Blood Donor Day

Those who selflessly donate their life’s blood to help save lives have been called heroes.

Lab Superintendent Catherina Jemmott made the declaration at a brief ceremony in honour of the blood donors on the occasion of World Blood Donor day, on Friday June 13, 2014.

“Donors today we declare you our heroes,” She said, “for whatever field of science that we fancy ourselves to be experts at in our critical need for blood to save lives you are the ones that we turn to. By your selfless act of love, you respond to the need, and because we recognize that without you, the world would be a smaller place, we have dedicated an entire day in your honour.”

Jemmott also stated that they were facing a challenge at the Blood Bank of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

“The challenge, however, is to increase our pool of voluntary blood donors, those who will walk in from time to time to donate blood. Those we can call on at any time night or day to respond to an urgent need for blood. It is in you to give to help save a life,” she noted.

This year’s theme is “Safe Blood for Saving Mothers.”

Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dr. Bianca Roberts, who delivered the feature address, said blood is important to mothers since from the time that expectant mothers come into the clinic to book, they are asked to get a blood group, a blood test and to find out if their haemoglobin is at a normal level; if their blood is clotting properly; if they have any blood disease etc.

“Why is it important to know all of that?” She asked, “It is important because later on in the pregnancy, demand for blood becomes essential.”

According to her, mothers lose a lot of blood during delivery as in the case of a normal vaginal delivery, they can lose up to 500 mls and during a caesarean section, they can lose up to a litter.

“Now that is normal standards but usually they lose less, but there are those who lose that and more. We will never stop the need for blood because that is what carries oxygen for us…it is essential for life.”

Several donors were given t-shirts as a gesture of appreciation.