detoxA local detox center, the “Healthy Living Wellness Center” is offering special prices and a chance to win 12 massages for the year.

“Right now until August 29th, you can get a full one hour body relaxation massage for $40 and an ionic foot detox which is normally $120 for $60. If you come in and purchase any service between now and August 29th you get a ballot with a chance to win 12 consecutive massages for a year,” Marketing Director Tim Healey said.

According to him the draw will be done on Q95 at 9:50 am on Friday 30th August.

The Center also offers counseling services for persons with alcohol or other drug addictions.

“It is not really preventative care as such but if you have an illness from acne to diabetes to back pain and others we can provide a cure. We have a biofeedback technician on staff and if required after a brief interview with a nurse, she can give you a biofeedback scan and identify areas that you may be lacking. The goal of the center is to promote healthy happy living,” Healy said.

Located on Hillsborough Street, “Healthy Living Wellness Center” brings to the island unique services which are guaranteed to improve an individual’s living.

Healey said that the goal of the center is to encourage citizens to live healthy.

“The goal of the center is to remove all the toxins that can be found our bodies, everybody has poisonous toxins found in their bodies from the environment, from pollution, particularly from all the processed foods that we eat,” he explained. “We have various therapies that address various toxins found in the body.”

Colon hydro therapy is one of the unique services offered by the center.

“The average colon is about 6 feet in length and what this treatment does is it puts gentle warm mineral water into your colon with one hose and with another hose all the fecal matter, all the residue and other stuff in your colon is gently removed. In other words our water goes right to the very end of the colon so it’s a very effective treatment,” Healey said.

The therapy is conducted by trained and qualified Colon Hydro Therapist Tahira Blanchard who is also the Managing Director of the center.

An ionic foot detox, infrared sauna therapy, cleansing baths, massages and castor oil pack therapy, Indian head massage, and a deep tissue massage are among the unique services offered by the center.