Araminta Thomas

A retired nurse here says she is praying that the attitude of the country’s nurses will change for the better.

Retired professional Araminta Thomas has called on the island’s nurses to uphold the nursing profession with the highest standards and ethics.

Thomas, who worked throughout the country during her active years of service, is encouraging the nurses to embrace their work with pride and professional excellence.

“Let us not forget, nurses are teachers of health, they have to cooperate with each other they have to respect their seniors and juniors. Nurses should work with an attitude of each one teach one. Nurses have to uplift each other,” she said while addressing a panel discussion organized by the Dominica Nurses Association on Monday May 14, 2012 as part of activities marking nurses week 2012.

“Remember you are called to service and you have an account to give and the account we have to give is to God”.

The retired nurse cautioned that nurses should treat others the way they would like to be treated, and reminded today’s nurses that they are called to serve with compassion and love.

“I am praying and I am hoping that the attitudes of nurses will change.” Thomas said.