The Ebola virus has been causing havoc in parts of western Africa

The Ebola virus has been causing havoc in parts of western Africa

Citing fears over the threat of the Ebola virus, Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN), is questioning the prudence of staging the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) and LIME’s Creole in the Park (CITP)activities this year.

“CariMAN is concerned about the ongoing threat that Ebola poses globally but more specifically, to small island States like ours,” the group said on Thursday. “Since the festive season began, there has been growing concern over the risk of the expected increased in the number of visitors who will be coming to our shores,” it added.

CariMAN said although it is aware of measures being taken by the government, “there is still cause for major concern given the recent development of the situation globally.”

“Consequently, CariMAN questions the prudence of going ahead with the Word Creole Music Festival and Creole in the Park activities,” the group said. “We need to emphasize the Proverb: ‘Prevention is better than cure.'”

CariMAN said one case of Ebola in the Caribbean “can be catastrophic.”

“Therefore, CariMAN is asking the authorities and organizers of the festivals to revisit hosting the activities and consider making a decision in the best interest of the general public; and in addition review access to Dominica from countries where it is seen vulnerable that the EBOLA is currently having an impact,” it said.

“CariMAN stands in solidarity with all victims, their families and countries where the ebola virus is currently identified and under threat. CariMAN will also support the Government in actions to be taken to address the growing threat of the Ebola virus.” the group stated.

The 18th edition of the WCMF will take place on October 24-26, at the Windsor Park Stadium.

Creole in the Park will be held at the Botanical Gardens from October, 27-30.

Nigerian group, Flavour, has already been stopped from appearing at the WCMF.