National Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts. Photo credit: GIS

A review of the 2009 mortality data in Dominica has revealed that diabetes and hypertension are among the top ten leading causes of death in Dominica.

This was confirmed by National Epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Ricketts.

Dr. Ricketts was at the time delivering a presentation at the launch of a national hypertension and diabetes management manual launched by the Ministry of Health last week.

“This is very significant for us and if we look at it by gender, you can see that again that diabetes and hypertension are in the top five causes of death whether you are a male or female, perhaps more so significant for females. If we look at the last five years that we have data for, when we aggregate this, you will see that diabetes, in fact, is a major player in terms of the underlined cause of death coming in at number two as well as hypertension. They’re both in the top five causes of death in our country,” he said.

Dr. Ricketts said that this is a problem which requires urgent attention.

The Ministry of Health has developed a plan of action and has responded to this trend by producing an updated reference manual which will be used by health professionals in dealing with patients with hypertension and diabetes.