Dr. David Johnson is Chief Medical Officer

Dr. David Johnson is Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Johnson, has expressed concerns over the high rate of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes in Dominica.

Addressing the official launch of the Caribbean Wellness Month held on Saturday, September 10, 2016, he revealed some frightening statistics of the diseases on the island.

“Records show that one in every four persons attending clinics are suffering from hypertension and one in very five persons at those clinics are suffering from diabetes,” he stated.

He noted that it means if there are 20 persons at the clinic, five of them are suffering from hypertension and four out of the 20 from diabetes.

Dr. Johnson also stated that obesity has become a serious problem in Dominica and there is a rise in childhood obesity.

According to him, statistics reveal that over ten percent of children within the age range of 0 to five is suffering from the disease.

“One out of ten children under the age of five are suffering from obesity,” he noted.

Dr. Johnson took the opportunity to speak to women about cancer, especially cervical cancer. He encouraged all women to do a pap smear, which can be done by any doctor or nurse around the island.

“If our ladies do their pap smear regularly, then the signs of cervical cancer can be detected and treatment can be done on time…” he noted.

He also noted mammograms, to detect breast cancer, can be done and the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Dr. Johnson encouraged women to do self-breast examinations regularly and see a doctor or nurse for advice if they find something strange.