Eating for the season is a challenge. There are many invitations to parties, dinners and fetes. Lots of food and drinks are prepared at home. The advertisements are so attractive and pleasing to our ears, we are confused. The supermarkets and local markets are flooded with all kinds of foods and drinks.

What should we do?
•    No alcohol with medication
•    Check your doctor or nurse before you drink

Some dangers of alcohol
•    Increases risk of diabetes and hypertension
•    Increases  your blood sugar and blood pressure
•    Can destroy liver and brain cells
•    Provide empty calories which increase your weight.
•    It takes 1 ½ hours for the liver to deal with 1 drink


•    Eat small portions of all foods. Increase the amount of vegetables but, use small amounts of salad dressing.
•    Look out for foods with high salt- smoked or pickled meat or fish and eat small amounts
•    If there are two or more of the same dish (potato pie, banana pie, macaroni pie, then eats from one only.
•    Choose lean parts of meat
•    Choose baked/grilled meat or fish instead of fried
•    Do not starve before going to a dinner or party
•    Aim for 2-3 bites of each food that you like
•    Eat in moderation  and do not punish yourself
•    Make good choices when eating out. Cover half your plate with a variety of vegetables, and then add the other foods.
•    Reduce on milk cocktails, they are high in sugar.
•    Drink lots of water

Remember, what you do not eat won’t hurt you.

Your health is your responsibility.