Peters has emphasized education in combating NCDs

Peters has emphasized education in combating NCDs

President of the Dominica State College (DSC), Dr. Donald Peters believes that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) can be prevented through education.

Peters also believes that people’s diet and lifestyle determine to a great extent how they take care of themselves and individual can reduce incidences of NCDs.

He made the remarks while delivering an address at the opening ceremony of the Annual Health Fair held at the DSC on Tuesday.

“All non-communicable diseases can be prevented and it can be prevented through education,” he stated. “So it is important and probably opportunistic that we at the college should take the lead in helping educate our people about their lifestyle and their education and that will lead to better health.”

According to him, black people, on a whole around the world, are prone to have diabetes and hypertension.

“It tells us that we are predisposed to have those diseases and secondly it gives us the opportunity to prevent those diseases,” he stated. “And it should start at primary schools but I am glad that we here at the college have seen it necessary to help educate people about non-communicable diseases.”

Meanwhile Dr. Peters revealed that one of his dreams is to offer an associate degree in Health Education which will essentially help people to prevent ‘health disasters.’