Dr McIntyre

Dr McIntyre said government is now working to build capacity among health professionals

Government’s Investment Minister, Dr. Colin McIntyre, has advised medical professionals who are employed at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) to put politics aside in the performance of their duties.

“I want to say to the people who work in the hospital, I cherish them…let us take the colour away from the staff of the hospital,” he urged during an interview with the media recently. “You are not for red, or blue or green; when we get sick, we are sick so let us take away the politics in terms of I support a particular party, I am not supporting a particular party – we are supporting providing proper healthcare,” he pointed out.

He said the proposed hospital is a major project which will bring benefits to Dominica and government is now working on building capacity among health professionals.

“What we are working on right now is training the staff, training our doctors our staff, getting our getting our nurses going and I want to say something here that is important to our people especially the staff of the hospital,” he stated. “I cherish the staff of the hospital and I speak here of the doctors, nurses, the ward aids and everyone involved in providing healthcare to Dominica.”

Dr. McIntyre added, “I know they work under tremendous amount of pressure, I know that for sure and of course when people they are ill, their attitudes, they are irritable we have to understand that, but again we have to be humble.”