The Dominica government has said it will reduce taxes on juices deemed healthy.

Minister for Trade Collin McIntyre says the initiative will apply on juices that are not produced in Dominica and is part of efforts to address the prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD) here.

“Instead of importing all the time coloured water, sweetened water, we want to expose our kids to authentic, real pure 100 percent juices, where they can consume it and be healthy,” McIntyre pointed out.

Government will reduce tax on juices such as cranberry, apple and grape, which McIntyre said have been attracting high taxes as they are considered foreign.

The Ministry of Health here has described CNCDs as a threat to the island’s economy and delivery of health care.

At a national summit on CNCDs in 2007, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said a large percentage of government’s health budget is dedicated towards treating people suffering from CNCDs.