The country’s health minister says the government will focus in the upcoming months on how health care is delivered in Dominica.

Julius Timothy made the remarks at the commencement of a workshop on Thursday to reveal the findings and recommendations of a survey of Dominica’s health system and private sector.

“Government along with its development partners will deliver the training but we expect our health care providers to deliver a good state of the art product which can only be done with love for country and love for people,” he said.

According to Timothy during the next five years, the Princess Margaret Hospital will have a full complement of specialists, “as most of those who are available are retiring”.

The health minister also revealed that several plans and projects are in the pipeline for the sector.

“Government is presently allocating considerable resources to health and we are now concluding negotiations with the Chinese government for our new hospital in Goodwill. We are preparing plans for an upgrade and total refurbishment of the Marigot Hospital and we are reorganizing Portsmouth Hospital as well,” he said.