Signs of a coxsackie infection

Signs of a coxsackie infection

Although there are no severe cases of a skin infection detected in Dominica last week, health officials here are warning parents to be on the look out.

Chief medical officer, Dr. David Johnson, said officials have observed a few children from different parts of the island coming down with a skin infection which looks like rash.

“Sometime they present with fever and sometimes they present with lesions in the mouth,” he stated.

He said based on clinical diagnosis health officials believe it is a disease spread by the Coxsackie virus, which he explains is transmitted through contact.

“So if  a child has it and he gets into contact with another child, and sometimes with adults, that disease can spread,” he noted.

He explained the disease normally last for five to seven days and no severe cases have been detected in Dominica.

He further noted that local officials are awaiting a confirmation from a regional lab in Trinidad on the disease.

“Generally for these virus infections we always take samples and send to our reference lab in Trinidad…” he stated.

Dr. Johnson is calling on parents to take their children to a health professional if symptoms of the disease are noticed.

“In the meantime what we are encouraging parents to do is if you child is presenting with these sort of skin infection to keep the child away from school until such time the lesions are healed and certainly to see you health care provider, so that the disease can be managed properly,” he noted.

He also explained that although the disease is viral, sometimes secondary infections develop through bacteria. “And that is when it could be severe in terms of it is complicated … the child would need some sort of antibiotics,” Dr. David said.