Directors of the Children’s Heart Fund in Dominica will be hosting a fund raising concert in August as the organization tackles the issue of children suffering from heart problems on the island.

Treasurer of the Children’s Heart Fund, Kay Robinson, said at a news conference Monday, that several children in Dominica suffer from heart problems and this time around the organization is taking a different approach in its fund raising efforts to assist these children.

“We often go out to the public but this time we thought, why don’t we have the public join us instead this time around,” she said.

According to Robinson, several renowned musicians from the region will perform at the concert  carded for August 18,  at the Old Mill Cultural Center.

She went on to say that the whole aim of the fund raising efforts is to ensure Children’s Heart Fund always have funds available to meet the needs of children suffering from heart problems.

“The Children’s Heart Fund was formed out of a need many years ago by doctors who, in dealing with the pediatric unit, found out that there was sometimes a need for very urgent medical care when babies arrived and they were ill. The nature of the illness is that there isn’t a lot of time to get those things organized so we try to always have the fund available,” she said.

Robinson pointed out that when a child has a heart problem, “you don’t have weeks and days to organize a fund raiser.”

“It is really important that we are ready and able to assist these needy children,” she said.