The Ministry of Health will this week host a National Summit on Chronic Non Communicable Diseases.

The theme for the summit is “A Healthier Dominica 2011 and Beyond.”

The Health Ministry in its 10 year national strategic plan for health listed CNCD’S as a priority area and identified strategies for the prevention and management of the epidemic.

Dominica is in the process of finalizing a CNCD policy which sets out the course of action that will guide protocols for the prevention of CNCD’S and their complications.

The September 8 and 9 summit will sensitize policy makers, civil society and health and non-health sectors and other stakeholders on the situation with CNCD’S in Dominica.

It will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to mount a collective response to prevent diseases, reduce risk factors and maintain wellness at community level.

Meantime, a high level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly scheduled for September 19 and 20 in New York will also pay special attention to the prevention and control of CNCD’S.