Participants at the diabetic foot workshop.

In response to increasing rates of amputations and hospitalizations related to chronic, non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the Ministry of Health held a workshop today, the first in a series aimed at arresting the problem.

National Coordinator for Health Promotion, Helen Royer, said that today’s workshop was intended to give care-giving organizations, manicurist and pedicurists knowledge of how to properly deal with persons who may have diabetic foot problems.


She said, “We are expecting that from this workshop, from the information that has been given, these persons will be able to return to their agencies or their communities and be able to translate the information and put it into practical use.”

She continued, “We know that the complications of diabetes can be very detrimental, not just to the individual, but to their families and it has economic implications for the government, related to hospitalizations and medication.”