Allison Samuel Coordinator of the National AIDS Response Programme

The National AIDS Response Unit will embark on a media campaign following the completion of the Regional Testing Day activities.

Regional Testing Day activities commenced on June 6, 2017 in the Castle Bruce Health District and will end on June 30, 2017 in the Roseau Health District.

Coordinator of the National AIDS Response Programme Allison Samuel said: “Right out of Regional Testing Day activities we are going to be running a stigma and discrimination media campaign.”

Samuel said that there will be public service announcements on both television and radio.

“We will have PSAs (public service announcements) both on television and radio encouraging the public to refrain from continuing to practice stigma and discrimination to people who are positive for HIV,” she stated.

Samuel said following Regional Testing Day activities, the unit will continue to offer the public rapid HIV testing.

“We have training coming up where will train other health care workers and with Civil Society Organizations in regards to literacy that is associated with HIV, HIV management, stigma and discrimination,” she stated.

In addition, Samuel noted that the unit will also collaborate with the Dominica Planned Parenthood to undertake a refresher training course on stigma and discrimination for health care providers.

“The unit continues to provide services under the various components of the programme and we continue to support people who live with HIV and also seek to implement strategies to prevent HIV,” she said.