The newly appointed matron at the Princess Margaret Hospital who is promising to take PMH nursing to the “next level”, says she’ll be concentrating on improving the nursing sector in Dominica.

Leticia Lestrade Wyke told a press conference on Tuesday that under her watch, customer care will take precedence.

“Our customers are our clients. For me if we improve in that aspect, we will improve in delivery of nursing care. I hate when people come to us with negatives. If I could continue and not have those negatives, life would be good,” she told reporters.

Wyke admitted that the operations of the PMH face serious challenges.

However she sounded confident in giving assurances that measures would be put in place to tackle them.

“I am willing to work with the public. They can come with their concerns.  I don’t say the nurses are wrong and I don’t say they are right either. I investigate and we deal with the situation. We have measures in place and we deal with it,” the new matron affirmed.

Her appointment took effect March 01, 2012.