The program is expected to improve the public image of nurses in Dominica

The program is expected to improve the public image of nurses in Dominica

Seventy-five nurses will participate in a second month of Nurse Mentorship/Coaching Program geared at addressing the increasing demands and challenges in the delivery of quality nursing care.

Speaking at the launching ceremony on Friday, Principle Nursing Officer, Caesarina Ferrol, explained that one of the main objectives of the program is to improve the professional practice, overall morale and public image of nurses in Dominica.

“It aims to provide mentors and coaches who will assist in strengthening the capacity of the nursing service to deliver improved quality of services,” she explained. “The main objectives of this program are to develop supportive and encouraging relationships, to guide nurses in their professional, personal and interpersonal growth, promote mutality and sharing based on the needs of collegues.”

Other objectives of program include strengthening management and clinical practice.

According to Ferrol the program is designed in three main phases.

The first phase was the conceptualization, organizing and approval of the program which culminated in the selection and training of 84 mentors and coaches. They were mainly nurse administrators, supervisors, managers, nurse specialists, other senior staff in the ministry of health and ten retired senior nursing personnel.

The second phase is the implementation phase at the Princess Margaret Hospital and District Hospitals.

“The mentees were allowed to choose their own mentors,” she stated. “Also complementing the mentorship coaching program will be a special in-service education program specifically designed for mentees, consisting of monthly planned sessions throughout the six months mentorship.”

Ferrol noted the third phase of the program will be evaluation phase.

In the meantime, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Helen Royer, urged the nurses to stand up for professionalism.

“I want to highlight that we have remarkable, hardworking, professional and dedicated nurses who are themselves models and need to be commended for the professionalism they display and the extra mile they have to go,” she stated. “You should run your race because people will try to get in your head and make you feel insecure.”

She said nurses should always practice what they know is right and that they should keep running and hold their heads up high.