A food display at the fair

A food display at the fair

President of the Dominica State College (DSC), Dr. Donald Peters, has said that a preventive health care program will soon be introduced at the institution.

Speaking during the college’s annual health fair on Tuesday, he said the program will be instituted when the DSC’s new campus opens its doors.

“I am pleased that the students are making it (the health fair) part of their curriculum. I want everybody to get involved in being healthy and when our new campus opens, the Dominica State College( DSC) will be involved in the delivery of health care … and by that time preventive health care will be the corner stone of our program,” he said.

Preventive health care consists of consists of measures taken to prevent diseases (or injuries) rather than curing them or treating their symptoms.

Dr. Peters said that a healthy country means that everyone has a responsibility to make healthy living their business.

“A nation needs healthy people … as a community you can only be strong as we are healthy … generally we are a healthy people but as minority, as black people, there’s a number of diseases we have to be careful about,” he cautioned. “Each of us have our responsibility for health … and it’s not very difficult, you need to read a lot … health is each of us business.”

The health fair aimed to educate, inform and promote healthier living among students and Dominicans in general. Various sample dishes for each health condition were on display and each was to be judged at the end of the fair.

The fair’s targeted areas include: cervical cancer, breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, stomach cancer and hypertension.

It was held under the theme ‘Health: my business, your business, everybody’s business.”