Participants of the course

Participants of the course

Senior Technologist in the Clinical Chemistry Department, Charmaine Brumant, has encouraged over 20 participants of a Phlebotomy Training Program at the Princess Margaret Hospital to implement the knowledge gained over the past four weeks.

Brumant was delivering the citation of the first ever Phlebotomy Course certificate presentation ceremony on Friday.

Phlebotomy is a procedure that removes blood from the body for donation, tests or research.

“We do hope that what you have been taught that you will make good use of it and remember the times when you have been corrected and shown the right things,” she said.

According to her the training course was a long awaited dream.

“For me personally it has been a dream of mine that we can conduct such a program, I mean the other territories they do conduct such programs and they are very successful so I am very happy we have eventually started here. This session has been great,” she noted.

The course was specifically to prepare students for employment as Phlebotomists at hospitals, blood banks and private clinics. Students learn various skills such as venepuncture, customer relations and other related technical skills.

Participant Community Health Consultant with the HIV/AIDS Alliance, Kevin Gregoire, said the course was something he has always thought of but never got the opportunity to take.

“It was a first for me and it was something that I have always thought of and never thought of taking part in it or considering it,” he said. “When the opportunity came I took a chance and applied to do the program.”

He pointed out that the course taught the participants a lot.

“The program has taught us a lot not just about blood but also it taught us how to how to observe, how to treat people in front of  a client, it taught bedside manners, how to go about seeking the permission of patients to draw their blood etc. The course was very well put together,” he said.

The 40-hour course was broken down into two units which covered a wide section of the concept of Phlebotomy.