Local consultant and Chief Executive Officer of VF Inc Dr. Valda Henry is calling for the revision of the recruitment process for Dominican nurses.

Dr. Henry, who was delivering the feature address at the 54th Anniversary of the Dominica Association of Nurses Monday, said the image of the profession can be affected by poor selection of student nurses.

She was addressing nurses on the topic “Embracing Ethics over Privilege”.

“We do know that there are some persons who come to the profession just as a job. They don’t care about people. They don’t care about upholding any pledge that the nurses stand for, so it’s a way out. Those persons responsible for recruiting must pay attention,” she said.

Dr Henry continue, “You cannot create caring in anybody, you cannot create empathy. Those are characteristics trades that you hold. You can either have it or you don’t.”

She told the nurses that these are essential characters which must be considered and trust must also continue to be a principle on which the nursing profession was founded.

“Trust is a very important thing. It has to be earned. You cannot demand it and once earned, you have to do all in your power to maintain it. Some nurses undermined the trust of the profession,” she said.