Health Minister Julius Timothy has said recent trends in diabetes in Dominica must be taken seriously since the disease remains the number one cause of death in Dominica.

Today (Wednesday) Dominica is joining the rest of the world to observe World Diabetes Day under the theme “Diabetes Protect Our Future”.

In an address to mark the occasion, Timothy said he is concerned with the increase of diabetes-related amputations.

“I am deeply concerned with the increase in the number of amputations due to diabetic ulcers, a preventable condition in Dominica. Diabetes is known to be a contributing factor to the development of blindness and kidney disease,” he said.

Timothy says over 35 persons are presently on dialysis at the Princess Margaret Hospital, many of whom are as a result of diabetes.

The health minister said it is time that families and communities begin to take responsibility to protect the health of future generations.

“This calls for a strengthening of links between the population, the ministry of health, the business community, church and other governmental organizations”, he said.

He said several measures could be taken to prevent the disease.

He called for the reduction of harmful use of alcohol and tobacco, daily consumptions of fruits and exercise as some of the measures that can be taken.