Nurses in action

A world class conference to observe 50 years of formal nursing education in Dominica.

That’s what the Dominica State College’s (DSC) Faculty of Health Sciences formally known as the PMH School Of Nursing, is promising and they plan to use only alumni of the of the faculty as presenters at that conference.

Dean of the faculty, Denise Edwards, writes in a publication entitled Jubilee Updater, that while the DSC Faculty of Health Sciences continues “to be confident about the quality of education we provide to all our students, we remain cognizant of the fact that nurses function in an ever changing environment”.

The Health Educator acknowledges that irrespective of their graduation date, graduates of the DSC health sciences faculty do not have adequate knoweledge to provide the quality of nursing care that’s expected.

“It is for this reason” Edwards explains “that we use this opportunity of a jubilee
to contribute to the continuing education needs of our graduates”.

She adds “the educational conference will celebrate our successes by having our three graduates who have attained terminal doctoral degrees as presenters. Yes, these are the persons who received their foundation at the noble Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing.”

The three graduates to whom Mrs. Edwards refers, are R Paula Abraham, Marie St. Rose and Agathine Scotland who are all registered nurses who have gone on to obtain with PhD’s.

Among the objectives of the conference, to be held later this year, are: to share and discuss innovative ideas for health care improvement, to contribute to the improvement of nursing education and nursing services through research based nursing innovations and to promote and strengthen cooperation among health alumni worldwide.

The conference is also intended to help inspire confidence in younger graduates of the DSC Faculty of Health Sciences which according to Edwards, “is expected to translate to provision of improvement in the quality care to individuals, families and communities while enhancing the development of the nursing profession in Dominica”

Although the conference will be held towards the end of October 2012, registration closes in July “to allow sufficient time to access conference paraphernalia”.