Allan Guiste at his birthday celebration

On Saturday Allan Guiste celebrated his 100th birthday.

He was born on June 2, 1912.

A birthday celebration, which included a mass led by Msgr. Eustace Thomas, was held at his house in Goodwill and was attended by the President of Dominica, Nicholas Liverpool and Mrs. Liverpool and Parliamentary Representative for Roseau North Julius Timothy  among others.

A devoted Catholic, Guiste was able to participate in the Holy Communion rite at the mass.

Guiste worked as a prison officer for most of his life but was also a tailor who sewed uniforms for other prison officers and inmates. After retiring from the prison services he continued working as a tailor, providing his skills to the Dominica Police Force.

Guiste is in good health and high spirit and is the father of four, Ronnie, Ronald, Clayton and Fitzroy.