A photo from Facebook showing Jewell in Dominica. Photo: Facebook

A photo from Facebook showing Jewell in Dominica. Photo: Facebook

Amanda Mary Jewell is seeking to set the record straight, denying published reports that she is the subject of a probe in Britain for allegedly selling a miracle cancer cure.

The Britain-based newspaper, The Express, claimed that she moved to Dominica after her home was reportedly raided by trading standards officials and is planning to set up shop here to continue selling her controversial medication.

But in an interview with DNO, Jewell has shot down the allegations saying she is not being probed in the UK and has not been selling a bleach-based cure for cancer as it is being alleged. She also states that the home was not raided; she claims they simply were invited inside for a chat.

She stated that the whole conversation is recorded and proves that she was not the person under investigation. She provided the footage of the conversation that took place which can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGaDqUfg8pE

“I am saying that this is 100 percent not true,” she stated. “There are no investigations in my name in the UK or in any country. I am not being investigated in any single country and I can prove this without doubt.” See link above!

She stated the house which was mentioned in the Express’ report does not belong to her.

“It wasn’t even my house that they came to,” she remarked. “It was a mistake. I was simply staying at that house at the time. I don’t own that house…”

She said the house belongs to a friend, which had allowed the church members to use for their meeting, to which she once belonged.

According to reports the church has been selling MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution ), which is described as “a toxic bleach solution” as a cure for cancer and Jewell noted that she was kicked out when she revealed that the enema protocol was dangerous.

“I am not part of that church, that church threw me out for telling everybody that the enema protocol is dangerous, it must never be done,” she stated.

Jewell said she has said she does not use this enema protocol and she does not sell the product.

“No I don’t sell it, absolutely 100 percent not, that has to do with the church that I got framed on about the protocol,” she noted. “Not the other way around.” She provided this link for clarification http://g2cforum.org/index.php/list/general-discussion/27399-mary-amanda

She described herself as a cancer researcher who uses only natural products to fight the disease.

“All hundred percent natural,” she noted. “What Jesus put on this earth to grow, is what I use. The creator made this earth, made its people, he gave us everything on this earth, everything we need for any illness ..Jesus gave us everything we need, we have to listen to Jesus.”

She noted that Jesus wouldn’t tell anyone to undergo radiation or take chemicals for battling diseases.

“I am against any chemical whatsoever,” Jewell stated. “Even the chemicals you wash your clothes with it gets absorbed into your skin which is your largest organ.”

Jewell, who said she is not English, confirmed published reports that she is in Dominica to set up a center but it is being done with a group of professionals including those qualified in oncology.

“Yes that’s true, it is a group of professionals, we are all professionals, we are all qualified,” she noted.

She noted that it is all about helping people and not making money.

“I help countless people. I am not here to make money. I am here to give money,” she stated. “You have everything on the island that is natural.”

She said she has already met with a group, mostly people with physical challenges, in setting up the center.

“In fact I have already met with a group, I had a meeting yesterday (Monday),” she remarked. “I am here to help people in this country because I don’t believe tourism is the answer. With tourism, what will happen is the tourists will come in, buy the property, local people will be pushed inland again, the rich will get richer and the local people of this island will get nothing again, just the same as they destroyed other islands.”

Jewell noted she will be in Dominica probably until mid August and then go on to Antigua where she is also working on a project similar to the one she is hoping to set up in Dominica.

“I love this country, I mean no harm, I don’t want to harm anybody,” she said.