Sir Brian thanked the DBA for the award

Sir Brian thanked the DBA for the award

Former Acting Chief Justice Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Sir Brian Alleyne, has added another prestigious award to his collection.

Saturday 25th July 2015, marked the culmination of the Dominica Bar Association 2nd annual Law Week with the highpoint being the recognition of Alleyne followed by a dinner at the Fort Young Hotel’s Marquis hall.

President of the Dominica Bar Association (DBA), Mary Auriel Roberts described the award as ‘appropriate.’

“The Dominica Bar Association considers it appropriate to pay homage to our own and this is the second award to a member of our association who by service at the bar and bench has illuminated the way for us to follow,” she said.

According to the DBA’s President, Alleyne was being awarded for many reasons.

“Sir Brian, the DBA honors you not only because of your accomplishments in Jurisprudence, your judgments will be forever inscribed in the annals of history, but because of the person you have remained, an outstanding individual, who contribute to church and family life, the country of the commonwealth of Dominica, eastern Caribbean states and the wider Caribbean region,” she stated. “Sir Brian, you continue to serve with humility, integrity and dignity…”

Meantime, Sir Brian Alleyne thanked the DBA for the honour.

“I thank you for the honor which you have conferred on me. I thank you for coming out this evening to be part of this ceremony,” he said.

The award was presented by Roberts to Alleyne who was born in Dominica on the 28th of April 1943 to Justice Keith Alleyne and wife Hermia.

Alleyne studied law at the Gibson & Weldon School of Law, and at Lincoln’s Inn where he was called to the Bar in November 1966.

In 1967 he was admitted to the DBA. During his career he entered politics and served 16 years in the Dominican Parliament and served as a Senator, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of External Affairs.

Additionally he served as Queens Council, Attorney General of the Windward Islands, and acting Judge of the Windward and Leeward Islands High Court.

Alleyne in 1990 was awarded the Republic of China Order of the Brilliant Star for his outstanding diplomacy.

One year later he was elevated to the Senior Counsel (SC) in Dominica and has served as the chairman or member of the Board of several companies and has served as Vice President and Secretary of the Dominica Bar Association, Director and Vice President of the Organization of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Associations, and Director of the Caribbean Human Rights and Legal Aid Company.

In the year 1996, he was appointed to the position of High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and later to Justice of Appeal.

In March of 2005 he was promoted to Acting Chief Justice and held that post until he took his retirement on April 28, 2008.

He was knighted in July 2007, for his distinguished service to the OECS region and to the Law. He is married to Brenda Mc Millan Alleyne of St. Vincent.

The support of his spouse-Mrs. Alleyne was also acknowledged.

He has two sons and one daughter.