Marsha White is from La Plaine

Marsha White, from La Plaine, Dominica, has been awarded the coveted title of “2017 Advisor of the Year” at the Student Life Awards at the reputable Northeastern University.

As Assistant Director of Online and Hybrid Programs at the college’s School of Law, she has experience advising international, domestic, undergraduate and graduate students in degree and matriculation requirements.

With two master’s degrees, M.A. in Journalism and M.S. in Nonprofit Management, she continues to promote Caribbean culture on and off campus and was instrumental in advising the Caribbean Student Organization (CSO) to educate the Greater Boston community about the West Indian demographic.

Last year, she successfully worked with assisting CSO in bringing close to 200 students to Montreal, Canada, for the annual Caribbean Culture Weekend Conference presented by Concordia University.

Her future goals are to continue to inspire young women and men to continue in their educational pursuits, spread Caribbean culture to the masses and educate others about Dominican culture and music.

Northeastern University was established in 1898 and its main campus is in Boston, Massachusetts.

The award