Dr. Fontaine’s contract is for one year

Former IMF economist and Senator in the Parliament of Dominica, Dr. Thomson Fontaine has been appointed Senior Economic and International Policy Adviser to the government of South Sudan, Africa.

He told DNO that the contract will be for one year and he will be responsible for offering policy advice to the transitional government, assisting in the organization of resources of the state, and importantly, establishing an economic and financial management policy for the country, which engages key stakeholders including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and the African Development Bank (ADB).

“I will be serving as the primary liaison of the Transition Government of National Unity basically providing them with economic policy advice in that area and contribute to different working papers and policy discussions on the future of South Sudan,” he said.

Fontaine said he was contacted by the United Kingdom’s government, who is sponsoring the job, and had to go through a three-stage interviewing process that assessed his qualifications and he was ultimately selected as the successful candidate.

Dr. Fontaine said he will be moving to South Sudan.

“I will be moving to South Sudan but the way it is organized, I will do two months in country and three weeks breather where I will come back to Dominica,” he stated.

When asked of the future of his status as a Senator considering the new appointment, Fontaine said that he would only resign if the new job prevents him from attending parliament.

“I don’t see a problem with it, but if it becomes an issue where I am not able to attend parliament, then I will probably have to resign. But for now, I am going to maintain that position,” Fontaine remarked.

The Republic of South Sudan is considered the world’s newest nation after gaining independence from Sudan in 2011.


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