Fr. Hill said Astaphan did not waste money

Catholic Priest Father Peter Hill has expressed sympathy with the family and friends of Waddy Astaphan (deceased) during a funeral mass on Wednesday, saying that Astaphan was a man who “built up his empire by working hard.”

Waddy Astaphan died on December 19th 2016.

Father Hill said that Astaphan was a man who knew the value of a dollar and so wasted no money.

“So as we come to say farewell, can we as a society go back to those basics, where we know the value of a dollar, where we work hard for everything we want, where don’t get jealous of what other people have, but recognize the importance that hard work never killed anyone,” he said.

He went on to say that Astaphan was a living testimony of a man who “worked hard and built up.”

“And so just like us we can do the same by working had to get where we want to go,” he said.

Father Hill also said that Astaphan was a man who showed great commitment to his family which is an aspect today that is, according to him, “slowly eroding in Dominica.”

“When you look at our society again, family life is deteriorating. When you look at our society, the bonds that kept families together seem to be eroding very quickly, and what are we doing about it? When we look at our society, can we be men and women who put family first, recognizing that the basic unit of any society is the family, recognizing that the family is the domestic church?” he stated.

The priest encouraged the congregation and listening public to stop spoiling the children in society with material things at the expense of values but rather to spoil them on love.

Astaphan was a prominent and well-established man who contributed greatly to the development of the Dominican economy.

He joined the family business, known today as J. Astaphan & Co. (1970) Ltd, in 1942 and guided it from the humble beginnings of retailing basic foods to one of the most vibrant and effective commercial business in Dominica.

In 2013, Astaphan received the nation’s second-highest honor, the Sisserou Award for his contribution to Dominica in the field of business.