Retired US Serviceman Sergeant Major Ralph Alcendor

He saw action in Operation Desert Shield/Storm in Iraq, Restore Hope in Somalia, Uphold Democracy in Haiti and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and now retired Sergeant Major Ralph Alcendor thinks it is time to give back to his community of Grand Bay.

“I’m passionate about South City, Grand Bay,” the retired GI said. “That piece of real estate at the south of Dominica and those who live there, molded and nurtured me and now I’m locked into give-back mode.”

He has given two scholarships worth $1,300 to worthy students of the community and has now trained his sights on the Grand Bay Scout Troop to which he donated $1,000 which will be used towards the growth and development of scouting in the area.

Alcendor, who is living in Atlanta, Georgia, is of the view that the education provided by his scholarships, and the discipline and leadership that scouting will instill can help stem the tide of deviance that threatens to overwhelm Grand Bay youth.

“I think that the people of Grand Bay, especially the youth are the principal resource, and I will do all within my power to assist in that regard,” Alcendor pointed out.

Alcendor, who has earned one Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars, four Meritious Service Medals and five Army Commendations among others, said he has a vision for developing the community.

“I have that vision of developing the village along the Pierre Charles Boulevard from Savanne Yay-yay all the way to the other side of Grande Riviere … throw a bridge across the river towards Dubique, and  build  another boulevard up towards the other bridge by the Playing Field in a way that would improve the aesthetics of the immediate area. I want to help in doing those things,” Alcendor said.